Xamarin iOS MacOS XCode devs: what provisioning profiles you have installed

image attribution: https://www.twenty20.com/photos/462affba-be3c-4687-9bc9-cd8f57d3a1dc

As you start working across multiple teams and apps, lets be honest, your provisioning profiles story becomes a royal mess.

How can you get on top of all this?

Well the first thing to do is find out what certs you have provisioned, this would be the first place to “clean” any expired certs or teams you are no longer working with, open keychain access and here is whare you can find the various certs you have

Next, you can find out what provisioning profiles you have installed here,

cd ~/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning\ Profiles && ls -l

This should list out something like below,

But whaaa .. they all look so GUIDy .. which one is which? Simple! Just “cat” a profile

cat profilename.mobileprovision

This should spew out a wall of ascii with some beeps, and you can grab the provisioning profile alongwith the team id as below, (yeah sorry I have to obfuscate sensitive crap!)

Bingo! Back under control huh? That cert is a long text, copy paste it, and create a file with extension .cer, double click on it to see cert details.