New Pluralsight course: Office365 webhooks and connectors

Office 365 is certainly very useful, but it is not the only application users use. 
Frequently custom business applications want to push information into Office 365, or be informed by Office 365 at critical events.

This is precisely what connectors and webhooks allow you to do. 
Built on open standards, connectors let you push information into Office 365, and Webhooks allow to your applications to be notified when critical events occur.

In this course, I start by introducing the basics of connectors and webhooks. Since you are a developer, I then discuss the dev story for connectors and webhooks.

It’s all built on open standards, simple HTTP POST calls. Even though my code examples use ASP.NET, you could replicate the functionality on any platform. The fundamentals are the same!

At the end of this course, you will know all that is neccessary to integrate your applications with Office 365 using Webhooks and Connectors.

Link to the course.