CARMA: Control your Tesla from your Mac

Sometimes when I am in the fury of work, and I need to leave soon, I like to pre-heat the car, or charge it up.

I could do it from the phone, but I wish I could just do it from where my hands already are, on the keyboard of my computer. Or sometimes in a meeting etc. it is just not convenient enough to bring your phone out.

This app lets you control the climate and charge status from your Mac.

I wrote the app, so if you have any feature requests, please let me know. The fact that this is a desktop app, brings up interesting possibilities. For instance, I can monitor the charge and climate status of the car in a little window on the side as I work. When the car is comfortable enough, I pack my mac, and run.

Do let me know if you have any feature requests (or discover any bugs). I know there are 2 minor bugs currently in the app which will be fixed in the next update. But if you have a wishlist, you know where to find me :-)

Question: Would you be interested in a Windows Store version of this app?